About me

Nana Boliyani is a photographer with an extraordinary view of the world and people around her. Her love for photography and art turns each of her shots into an emotional and intimate disclosure. Her significant experience in the art of painting also leaves a mark on her photographs, turning each man, woman or child into a film protagonist. She escapes from the cliché in photography by creating an abstract, an undiscovered, a subconscious, a fairy, a completely new identity of her personages through their unique physical and emotional expressions. Due to the groundbreaking collaboration between her camera and the objects in front of it, she masterly enters in people’s inner world, bringing out an unexpected reincarnation, and, as a result, capturing remarkable images. Nana Boliyani admires world famous artists such as Morgan Norman for his different view on photography, as well as Caravaggio for his remarkable ability to recreate light. The fusion between a painter and a photographer makes Nana Boliyani a surrealist with a provocative gaze, which is focused onto the individuality of the person sealed on the lens. Nana’s various experimential eclectic art installations break the border between painting and photography. This perfect midpoint of two segments of art makes her an unique surrealist with a provocative glance who grabs the auditory to embark on a fairy journey. Boliyany’s passion for photography and painting emotionally reflects in her artworks as an intimate touch that depicts one different fantasy world and creates an allusion in our deepest yearnings, which vibes we are so afraid to release.

Immerse in Nana Boliyani’s world! Participation in exhibitions: In January 2016, she represented a solo exhibition at Geshov Gallery in Sofia.