Z motion

Z motion is a designer brand based on two values ­ creativity and health care. The goal of our brand is to attract people who don’t follow the beaten paths and feel forever young. People who feel comfortable in their skin and appreciate their freedom.

Our mission is to create a fashion movement of free­ spirited people, style beyond limitations and frames ­ a fresh look towards everything around us.

Our philosophy ­ – To open our mind and merge with the image.
We live in a world that claims that the greatest values are the ever­growing consumption, the quick success and the easy life. This world actually forces new rules and restrictions which are so far from what we believe in, and this makes us unhappy and dependent on the approval of others. In the hectic world and everyday life, we accept the values and rules of others dictated by their rank in society or the number of “likes”. We forget that each one of us is different and that is the key of beauty.
We know there are people who don’t want to follow the standard model, theyenjoy the diversity and variety in the world. They realize that people are a blend of characters and spirituality; they are aware that the need a label or approval are not necessary.

One of the most important goals for Z motion is to meet the spiritual needs of these people.

We also want to impose the principle of honesty and care for people. How will we achieve this?

The Z motion project involves mixed images and elements designed to free the imagination and provoke a reaction. A new experience through mergingwith the image.

All Z designs have the following standards:

Uniqueness ­ originals and different from everything we see every day

Aesthetics ­ – they bring beauty

Significance – they bring ideas

When it comes to quality, we have some basic principles, our products are always made from the finest and healthiest materials, further processed to be soft even for the most sensitive skin.